Dispute resolutions Inc, Credit Repair

Do any of these situations sound familar?

  • Can't get a loan?
  • Can't buy the car you need?
  • FICO score too low?
  • Don't qualify for a credit extension or increase?
  • Too many unknown inquiries on your credit profile?
  • Negative trade lines on your credit from creditors you've never heard of?
  • Settled or paid accounts that still show as active with a balance due?
  • Hard-to-deal-with creditors won't negotiate a settlement or payment plan?
  • Income or wages are adequate, but it's all spent, all too soon?
  • Difficulties making financial decisions between want and need?



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California Civil Codes regarding credit repair

Welcome to Dispute Resolutions Inc.
Personalized Credit Repair Services for individuals and businesses

  • Negotiation of wrongful, erroneous or obsolete listings and obsolete credit report correction with creditor validation of error
  • Credit counseling
  • Budgeting
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Negotiate an extension of credit, purchase or loan contract from a third party creditor, with proper Buyer qualifying eligibility
  • Improve Buyer’s credit record, history, and rating.
  • Dramatically raise Buyer’s personal FICO score, according to Buyer’s credit history.

What We Do

Working under a contract signed for a maximum of six months, we tailor a plan for each individual or business' specific repair needs.

We are NOT a letter writing service., We are NOT Debt-Management. We do NOT handle Buyer or Business monies or pay monthly creditor bills. Our customers never have to worry about if a bill has been paid, or how their funds are being allocated or misused.

Dispute Resolutions Inc., offers solutions for the Buyer that are reasonable, attainable, practical, and affordable, unlike many of our competitors who charge thousands of dollars for similar services and accomplish very little, if anything.

Negotiating by telephone, fax and email, we arrange corrections, settlements, payment plans and more, directly with creditors and collectors for bank debts, public records, student loans, collection agencies, or personal financial obligations. When negotiating, we know who to call, what to say, when to push, when to compromise, how to proceed, how much to offer, and what to expect.

Who we are

DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS, INC, is a bonded California credit repair service, licensed for business by the City of San Diego, California, and registered as a Credit Services Organization.

Our background and other business experience is real estate, property management, and debt collections. With thirty-five years managing credit and collection problems in Southern California, we have become knowledgeable and responsive to today’s financial problems and the growing public need for recovery assistance.

Most of the services performed by D.R.I. can be performed by Buyer acting on Buyer’s own behalf, exercising rights under the credit reporting laws and other State and Federal laws.

Areas We Serve