Dispute resolutions Inc, Credit Repair

Do any of these situations sound familar?

  • Can't get a loan?
  • Can't buy the car you need?
  • FICO score too low?
  • Don't qualify for a credit extension or increase?
  • Too many unknown inquiries on your credit profile?
  • Negative trade lines on your credit from creditors you've never heard of?
  • Settled or paid accounts that still show as active with a balance due?
  • Hard-to-deal-with creditors won't negotiate a settlement or payment plan?
  • Income or wages are adequate, but it's all spent, all too soon?
  • Difficulties making financial decisions between want and need?



We are here and ready to help!

Credit Repair Mira Mesa

A bad credit is bondage. In renders you incapable of achieving many things that can supposedly improve your financial well-being and your life as a whole. For instance, it gives you lower chances of finding home loans with better interest rates. You most likely find it difficult to get apartment approval as well. And, even getting a cell phone contract is quite a challenge with a bad credit score. Needless to say, in situations mentioned above, credit repair is necessary.

Now that we have established the fact that a bad credit can take many conveniences of life away from you, and that taking steps for credit repair is necessary, then the question now becomes: how to succeed in credit repair? Finding a reputable company that offers credit repair is key. Look for one that provides an honest-to-goodness service; and, knows how to navigate the murky waters of the credit repair industry.

If you are in the Southern California area looking for professional help on credit repair, there is one company that matches the criteria mentioned above: Dispute Resolutions, Inc. - a bonded California organization offering credit repair in Mira Mesa and its surrounding areas.

With Dispute Resolutions, Inc., you can expect the following services:

  • Negotiation of wrongful, erroneous or obsolete listings and obsolete credit report correction with creditor validation of error
  • Credit counseling
  • Budgeting
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Negotiation on extension of credit, purchase or loan contract from a third party creditor, with proper buyer qualifying eligibility
  • Help for improved buyer’s credit record, history, and rating.
  • Help for improved/raised buyer’s personal FICO score, according to Buyer’s credit history

Here’s why Dispute Resolution is the way to go:

  • Credit repair professionals working for you
  • A bonded California credit repair organization
  • A reputable company with long years of experience in the industry
  • A company that offers budget-friendly, attainable, practical credit repair solutions
  • Provides services tailored to each customer or business' specific needs
  • Negotiates in multiple channels - telephone, fax, email, among others
  • Arranges corrections, settlements, payments plan and more directly with creditors and collectors for bank debts, public records, student loans, collection agencies, or personal financial obligations.

With so many credit repair service providers claiming they are the go-to company in Mira Mesa, you might find picking from the available options a bit of a challenge. So, do your homework to make your search easier. Make a diligent research to find one that can deliver the promise of top-notch quality credit repair in Mira Mesa.

Come to Dispute Resolutions, Inc. and experience the service you deserve.

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