Dispute resolutions Inc, Credit Repair

Do any of these situations sound familar?

  • Can't get a loan?
  • Can't buy the car you need?
  • FICO score too low?
  • Don't qualify for a credit extension or increase?
  • Too many unknown inquiries on your credit profile?
  • Negative trade lines on your credit from creditors you've never heard of?
  • Settled or paid accounts that still show as active with a balance due?
  • Hard-to-deal-with creditors won't negotiate a settlement or payment plan?
  • Income or wages are adequate, but it's all spent, all too soon?
  • Difficulties making financial decisions between want and need?



We are here and ready to help!

Credit Counseling Mira Mesa

Have you been working beyond the usual 9-5 just to make ends meet? Are individuals from debt collection agencies sent to your doorsteps making you worried? Or Can't you seem to build a workable budget, let alone setting some amount aside for retirement? If you struggle in these items then you might want to consider seeking help from a professional that offers credit counseling in Mira Mesa and surrounding areas.

The fact is that anyone or any company can be vulnerable to money traps, and by that, we mean unnecessary spending that could lead to bad credit and even bankruptcy. Thus, asking help from experts for credit counseling can be necessary to save your financial situation from bad credit bondage. There is nothing to be embarrassed about that.

Dispute Resolutions, Inc. has helped countless of individuals and companies since the organization opened its door for clients in Mira Mesa more than three decades ago. We have serviced those seeking help on credit repair and/or credit counseling.

If you are interested in our credit counseling service or if you want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us at (858) 618-2700 or visit our office at your most convenient time. We will be more than happy to be of service to you.

Here are some benefits of credit counseling from Dispute Resolutions, Inc.:

  • You'll be given a practical advice on how to manage your money and debts
  • You'll learn how to build a workable budget
  • You'll have a certified professional, highly-experienced in consumer credit, money, and debt management, and budgeting working for you
  • You'll get a personalized plan to manage your financial problems

Here’s why Dispute Resolution is the way to go for credit counseling in Mira Mesa:

  • Credit repair professionals working for you
  • A bonded California credit repair, credit counseling organization
  • A reputable company with long years of experience in the industry
  • A company that offers budget-friendly, attainable, practical credit counseling solutions
  • Provides services tailored to each customer or business' specific needs
  • Negotiates in multiple channel - telephone, fax, email, and more
  • Arranges corrections, settlements, payments plan and more directly with creditors and collectors for bank debts, public records, student loans, collection agencies, or personal financial obligations.

With lots of credit counseling companies claiming they are the go-to service provider in area, you might find picking from the available options pretty challenging. So, therefore, make sure you do your homework well to make things a lot easier. Make a diligent research in finding one that really can give you top-notch quality credit counseling in Mira Mesa.

Come to Dispute Resolutions, Inc. today and experience that kind of service that every good client deserves.

For inquiries, contact us at (858) 618-2700.